NapBots Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Platform, Autopilot Trading Bot

A couple months ago I was asked to try out the NapBots site to review their Trading Bot and all the different features and options they offered. I did just that and have a link below to the video review. Now I have reviewed so many trading bots over the years that I have literally lost count. Basically Trading Bots, crypto or traditional are used by traders to remove fears and emotions from their trading. Thus helping to secure more profits long term. However by removing the human aspect they can be finicky in most cases and to remove the bulk of those “what if” issues they can be rocket scientist difficult to use and are usually extremely limited in where you can connect them to.

When I first set up my account and logged in I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of use at every click. First off I’ll say what I said many times in my initial review of the platform. It was hands down the easiest and most un-intimidating trading bot I have ever seen. In addition the pricing for it was not a huge one time license investment to “buy” the bot before you even know how it will work for you. In fact they had a free version to test it out on a virtual account. It is a monthly subscription cost so if you try it out and think it’s not doing as well as you had hoped you can cancel it. The monthly rates were for three different “paid” levels. It’s 7 Euros for the Silver Plan for the first three months then 10 Euros thereafter, 39 Euros for the Gold Plan then 49 after the three month trial, and finally the Platinum Plan at 99 with no trial atm. So once again I was impressed by the affordability of the service and all the options that each service came with. Then came the choices of connecting an exchange. This is where I went from being impressed to blown away. The lists of exchanges that you can connect NapBots to was huge and not limited to certain geographical locations in any way. Now some exchanges such as Kraken did not allow you to set up hourly or so on but you could pick from other options like daily/weekly etc as well as the percentage allowance of your trading balance on the exchange that you allot to the bot. Then I was up and running.

Now all the ease of use, cost value, and options don’t mean a thing if it doesn’t work and you lose money. I mean it could be free but if you just steadily loose 2% a week it’s no bargain, what matters is net profit. In my video review I had made a pretty steady profit for the week I tried it, about 6% for the week of course I need to say results may vary and my results are my own this is just how it worked for me. However as I said at the start of this article I’ve been using NapBots for about two months and it has been extremely steady. So much so that my take profits withdrawals from Kraken has now surpassed my deposit at start up! So I have doubled my money in two months! I’m very happy with the performance and will be doing a followup video review soon. Please check out the links below.




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